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Mary Elizabeth Keenan married James Brian O'Leary

They had 9 children.

_______(1) Mary Elizabeth (2nd) O'leary married Robert Allen Workman

Mary was adopted, the name she used was Betty.

They had 1 son named Robert Allen Workman

_______(2) Leo Vincent O'leary married Beatrice (maiden name unknown).

They had 1 son named Vincent.

_______(3) Dollaine Roseanne was never married

_______(4) Neale Edward married Anne (maiden name unknown)

They had 1 daughter named Marianne

Neal died May 22, 1965

_______(5) Richard Thomas married Celine Goethals Nubert

They had 5 children

_____(6) James David married Agnes Francis Deutsch

They had 2 children

David died in 1980

_____(7) Raymond Joseph married Dolores Florence Lucas

They had 5 children

They had 1 child named Zacharian De Lamas

They had 4 children.

_____(8) Mortimer Joseph, died at birth

_____(9) Brian Philip married Olive Eileen (Condro).

They had 4 children.

________________________________Michael Brien O'Leary married Cynthia Ray (Hill)

They had 1 child named Alison Maureen O'Leary

_____________________________Kathleen Mary O'Leary married Gary Winthroup MacKendrick

They had 2 children

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